Where To Look For Level-headed Tactics In Clothing Brands

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Rebecca Deacon, has been Kates right-hand woman since 2012, the year after the Cambridges wed and has worked for the royal family for around a decade. It is thought Rebecca has decided to resign, as she is engaged to Adam Priestly and due to marry later this month in London. She has reportedly been given permission to hold the ceremony at the Chapel Royal at St Jamess Palace because of her links to the Royal Family. Forget John Lewis vouchers, thats a leaving gift of a whole other level. The official statement from the palace reads: After a decade of service to the Duke andDuchessof Cambridge and Prince Harry, Rebecca Deacon will be stepping down as private secretary to theDuchessof Cambridge. She plans to leave the household in the summer. Their Royal Highnesses are incredibly grateful for all the hard work and support Rebecca has provided over the past ten years, and wish her well in the next phase of her career. So if you are thinking of applying for the job, what can you expect your new role to involve? Well according to the Daily Mail, youll have to organise all Kates events and ensure you keep her up to speed on her engagements and the people shes meeting with. Sounds ok right?

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