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Leave your bangs open and make small braids with the rest of your hair. Unlike a heavy dread bun that tugs your hair in front causing hair breakage, side buns are relatively easy on your dreadlocks. Tired of finding your long tresses all over the place? Moreover, it does not need to be maintained much but still looks versatile. Do not be afraid to experiment when you're trying out these protective hairstyles; however, be equally careful while you undo them again. It has been an on-line shopping destination for many years now. Let's take a look at some really cool styles, that you can... Add craft foam to add some texture to the cyberlox.

Her last two smash hits have been thanks to other acts like Maroon 5 and A Great Big World, so it would be wonderful to see her premiere an instant blockbuster hit on her own. Nelly Furtado The Canadian pop singers career has seen success come to her on more than one occasion, with different styles all proving to be incredibly popular when done her way. From acoustic-leaning folk to urban electronic pop, Furtado has done it all, and shes sold millions in the process. Having said that, her last album, The Spirit Indestructible, was a certified flop, as it failed to produce even a single hit or even break into the top 50 on the records tally. Things are not looking great for hier 2017 offering The Ride, as she has already released two singles, Islands Of Me and Pipe Dreams, but neither has made much noise anywhere. Whether it sells or fails, it will be interesting to hear what Nelly has been working on. 43 images Charli XCX After finding success both as a featured songwriter and vocalist (Iggy Azaleas Fancy and Icona Pops I Love It) and finally on her own (Boom Clap), odd-pop darling Charli XCX has collected a devoted following for a good reason. She can write a serious hook and compete with the best when it comes to stage presence and she has no shortage of star quality. Her most recent Vroom Vroom EP saw her experimenting and trying out some decidedly anti-top 40 sounds, while her new single After The Afterparty might remain a fan favorite. XCXs new album could wind up being one of the better underground releases of the year, or another surprise smash could be hidden in there somewhereonly time will tell what shes got in the works.

You can experiment with shaved symbols, swirly art or text to make it stand out. ModCloth has some excellent vintage and retro collection and dresses with flowery prints. How about styling short hair with the use of just a cap? Seems it is no longer something to dread of! Or you could use multiple layers that begin really short at the top, and longer at the bottom, to exude a retro, punk style that is more in tune with a modern-day look, by adding colon highlights to your hair. Hair thinning, also known as hair texturing is done to make very thick hair appear less goofy. That's a two-strand twisted side plait. This article provides some ideas for easy step by step up dos for long, medium, as well as curly hair.